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Patients Want Financing Options.

We Have Them All.

We can provide a detailed model of our services based on your actual patient portfolio. This model will demonstrate the results you could anticipate using our Predictable Funding Model, which is supported by 3rd party (Medlytix) predictive analytics.

The results will show the number of patients that qualify for funding, and how we strategically advance and manage payments on these accounts for your hospital. Using your patient data, we can model:

  • Expected collection rates
  • Bad debt capture
  • Anticipated default recourse, and service fees
  • Net hospital payments
  • Cash accelerated annually through our strategic funding methodology

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"I think it's very important for our patients to be able to incorporate their healthcare expenses into their household budget in a way that doesn't create undue pressure."
- Jane Gray, VP Revenue Cycle, Phoebe Health


"To other moms out there, AccessOne is an affordable payment plan, and it gives you one less thing to worry about. It really gives you the freedom that you would need to enjoy being a mom.”
- Melissa Williams, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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